TV Shows to Rent from the Local Germantown Library

A woman pointing the remote at the TV while reaching for popcorn.

When it comes to TV shows, many people in our apartments in Germantown, MD prefer watching content from overseas. Fortunately, our local Germantown library has a slew of shows to watch thanks to streaming service Acorn. All you’ll need is your computer and library card to enjoy shows from places such as England and Australia. […]

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Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shows to Escape With

Sometimes, all you want is to escape to another world. Fortunately, sci-fi and fantasy TV shows allow you to do just that without leaving our Germantown apartments. Genre storytelling resurged in the past few years with hundreds of hours of binge-able content. Here are three of the best sci-fi and fantasy shows available to stream […]

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Best Netflix Sitcoms to Binge

A couple binge watching Netflix.

While you’re spending more time inside our Germantown apartments for rent, now is the best time to binge-watch some of the funniest sitcoms streaming on Netflix! We’ve composed a list of four laugh-out-loud comedies that will keep you entertained for days. The Office The Office is a mockumentary about disgruntled office workers at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. […]

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