Bite Into the Best Soft Pretzels around Germantown

Soft pretzels around Germantown. Freshly-baked soft pretzel served with dips and pickles.

Believe it or not, the world’s largest pretzel weighed 842 pounds. While none of the local restaurants in the area serve pretzels that large, they do create tasty offerings and dipping sauces that don’t disappoint. Our favorite eateries serving the best soft pretzels near our apartments in Germantown, MD, include: World of Beer With televisions, […]

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Germantown Restaurants Serve the Best Calzones

Traditional calzone cut in half from an eatery serving the best calzones around Germantown.

As a delicious pizza turnover, calzones feature cheese as well as other tasty toppings. They are known for their distinctive half-moon shape, and while they originated in 19th-century Naples, they are now served at restaurants around the world. The eateries serving the best calzones near our apartments in Germantown, MD, include: Giuseppi’s Pizza Plus Family-owned […]

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