Pick Up Quality Meats at Chop Shop Butchery

sliced steak on a cutting board with vegetables

Bring your cooking to the next level with the high-quality meat available at Chop Shop Butchery. This specialty meat shop offers everything from handmade sausages to freshly ground beef, and it’s only 15 minutes away from our Germantown apartments for rent. Take advantage of convenient options for curbside pickup to stock up on all your favorite meat […]

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Create a Restaurant Experience at Home

couple toasts with white wine enjoying chinese food date at home

Staying home can mean the takeout boxes pile up. While ordering from your favorite restaurant is more important than ever, food just isn’t as great without the feeling of sitting in your favorite booth or chair. Thankfully, our Germantown apartments have plenty of space to transform your kitchen into your favorite local eatery. Use these […]

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