Glide Gracefully on These Ice Rinks Near Germantown

Couple enjoying a day of skating at one of the best ice rinks near Germantown.

As the weather gets colder and colder, what could be more fun than donning some ice skates and enjoying your local ice rink? Luckily, there are plenty of locations in the area where you can glide on the ice. Some of our favorite ice rinks near our apartments in Germantown, MD include: Rockville Outdoor Skating […]

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Discover Outdoor Activities at Germantown Parks

Family riding bicycles and enjoying other outdoor activities at some of the parks near Germantown.

With a full calendar of activities as well as arts and cultural events, Germantown boasts an active calendar. While Germantown offers excellent community centers, the variety of outdoor activities across trails and parks draws residents and visitors alike. The best parks with exciting activities near our apartments in Germantown, MD include: Wheaton Regional Park This 536-acre […]

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Create Memories at Germantown Tourist Spots

Woman enjoying a treetop adventure at one of the tourist spots near Germantown.

Germantown offers a place where folks have fun, irresistible nature calling for a wild adventure. Our apartments in Germantown, MD can bring you closer to deceivingly quiet parks, old towns, as well as luxurious shopping centers. Here are some activities you can do at these exciting tourist spots near Germantown. Eat and Drink to the […]

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Boost Your Workout with Germantown CrossFit Gyms

Group of people doing push ups during a session of CrossFit in Germantown.

CrossFit strengthens your body and allows you to achieve fitness results through functional movements. The maneuvers you perform in real life, such as squatting to grab something or lifting heavy items, all get worked on through this exercise program. Check out these CrossFit gyms near our apartments in Germantown, MD, when you’re looking to boost your workout.  […]

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