Where to Enjoy Apple Picking in Germantown

Woman in an orchard holding a bucket of apples | apple picking in Germantown.

As the temperatures cool off and signs of autumn start to appear, it’s time to start taking advantage of all the fall activities popping up! Nothing makes a fall day perfect like an apple-picking excursion. Luckily, these orchards by our apartments in Germantown, MD offer you a picturesque afternoon where you can pick your own […]

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Shop at Locally Owned Health Markets in Germantown

Man holding a bag of fresh produce | health markets in Germantown.

A healthy diet is paramount for your nutrition and health. Healthy food protects you from chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, as well as heart diseases. These health markets near our luxury apartments in Germantown, MD, will help you keep track of your diet and stay healthy. Lancaster County Dutch Market of Germantown For […]

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Get in Shape at These Germantown Spinning Classes

Group of adults having fun during a spinning class | Germantown spinning classes,

Indoor cycling, also known as spinning classes, has become one of the most popular forms of exercise amongst fitness lovers. Many of these group classes consist of participants hopping on a stationary bike and pedaling away for about 40 minutes. In fact, if you’re a fitness lover looking for a new way to get in […]

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